Project Description

Education package for primary care providers on Climate change, migration, and health(care)

A time for action: developing and testing an educational package on the Climate Change-Migration-and-Health(care) nexus to help prepare post-graduate primary care providers in building climate-resilient and migrant-inclusive health services.

We will create a culturally appropriate, active learning, location-relevant education package – using a train-the-trainer model to maximise impact – for primary care providers focusing on the connections between climate change, migration and health(care). The package will educate and empower primary care providers to train others and to contribute their insights regarding how to make health systems more climate-resilient and migrant-inclusive. One version of the package will be pilot-tested by Stellenbosch University, and will focus more specifically on the South African context, while another version of the package will be designed for global use, without specific focus on one country.




University Ghent, Stellenbosch University, Primafed, University of Zimbabwe, Heidelberg University, UCL